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Henan Food and Drug Administration drug testing equipment purchases are 21 million single announced
Updated:2011.04.06 Source:Carbon and sulfur analyzer, direct-reading spectrometer, ICP spectrometer--Wuxi Jiebo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Clicks:
March 29, 2011 in Henan Province Food and Drug Administration issued on the drug testing equipment tender bid announcement, the tender projects involving high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV-visible spectrophotometer and other 57 kinds of equipment, the successful amounting to 21.1 million yuan, as follows:

Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Central China Tendering Co., Ltd. Food and Drug Administration by the commission to conduct drug testing equipment procurement project public bidding, according to prescribed procedures for the bid opening, evaluation, calibration, is this the result of the tender bid as follows:

First, the tender name and tender number

Project Name: drug testing equipment purchases

Tender Reference: Yu Choi bidding 【2011】 -68 No.

Second, a brief description of tender

Project Overview: High performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV-visible spectrophotometer and other 57 kinds of equipment.

Third, the media and the date of tender notice

March 4, 2011 available online

Fourth, evaluation of information

Bid Date: March 25, 2011

Bid Location: 54 University Road, Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan Co., Ltd. tender evaluation room on the second floor

Evaluation committee name list of the bid evaluation committee: Chen Han-shan Liu Cong Yanhe Juan Yang Suqin Director Liu Xiao-Li Wang

Fifth, successful information

Package of a successful supplier: Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. Henan novel

In price: Land rented furnishings picked up three million RMB whole (¥ 1630000.00 yuan)

Second, due to lack of substantive response packet of three, resulting in bid rejection.

Package three successful suppliers: Shue Yan Technology Development Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou

In the price: Erbai Sanshi Million RMB (¥ 2300000.00 yuan)

Package four successful supplier: Henan Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. radius

In the price: RMB million Siqian Sibai Wu Bai Lu Lu Found II the entire ten-dollar (¥ 4624560.00 yuan)

Five vendors bid package: Lepak (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

In the price: Triple Bai Bashi Million RMB (¥ 3800000.00 yuan)

Six vendors bid package: Henan Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. hundred Okay

In the price: RMB thousand land rented furnishings Qishi II Erbai million yuan a whole (¥ 1726200.00 yuan)

Seven bid packets suppliers: Zhengzhou Sanhe Electronics Co., Ltd. Anchi

In the price: one thousand million yuan Erbai Qishi II Erbai yuan a whole (¥ 2721200.00 yuan)

Package Eight successful supplier: Henan Star Trading Company Branch

In the price: RMB San Shi Wu Bai Jiu Shi Qi Wu Baqian million yuan a whole (¥ 978535.00 yuan)

Nine won the bid package provider: Chen Industrial Co., Ltd. of Henan Province

In the price: RMB rented furnishings Erbai Wu Shi San Shi Wu Wan Si Qian Yuan a whole (¥ 1354250.00 yuan)

Package ten successful suppliers: Scientific Instruments Import and Export Corporation Henan

In the price: RMB rented furnishings Ba Bai Jiu Shi Qi Shi Lu Lu Baqian million yuan a whole (¥ 1968876.00 yuan)

Six issues of this tender contact

Contact: Zhou Guoqing

Tel :0371 -68998885 Fax :0371 -68,998,885

Address: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Tendering Co (Tongbai Road 9)

Postal Code: 450007

All parties concerned disagrees with the results of the successful bidder, you can bid announcement within seven working days from the date, in writing, at the same time tender to the procurement and Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Co., Ltd. questioned (stamped with the official seal and legal signature) the original by the legal representative or authorized representative to personally bring a copy of the original business license and ID card (original) to be submitted (by mail, fax, will not be accepted), and to challenge the letter and accept the confirmation date as processing times. Overdue to submit queries or letters as required, will not be accepted.

Tendering Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhongyuan

March 28, 2011